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  Paper EIA06-003, Volume 4 (2006), Pages 35-49 = complimentary

Application of Streeter-and Phelps Equation to the Aquatic Environment Management-A Case Study Based on Water Quality Monitoring Data of Keelung River, Taiwan

C. Fan* and W. S. Wang

Department of Environmental and Safety Engineering, Mingchi University of Technology, 84 Gung-Juan Rd, Taishan, Taipei County, Taiwan, 243. *Corresponding author: dillon@mail.mit.edu.tw.



The purpose of this study, based on the water quality monitoring data of dissolved oxygen (DO) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) as well as the pollution sources information in the Keelung River, is to justify the parameters of oxygen degradation constant (k1) and reaeration constant (k2) in the Streeter-and-Phelps equation, and, with the resulting parameters being applied again to this equation, to simulate the water quality for various hypothetical situations, in order to establish the best management practices among the sewage pumping stations with best water quality of Keelung River. According to the calculated river pollution index (RPI) using water quality monitoring data of 2004, more than 50% of this river is considered moderately or seriously polluted. In the down stream section of Keelung River, the average concentrations of DO and BOD were reported among 1.5 ppm and 6.5 ppm, respectively. From this study, the average constant value of k1 was 0.16 day-1, the k2 was calculated based on the velocity and depth of the river. Additionally, the operation of the 8 sewage pumping stations at their full capacities might increase the DO concentration by 40%, and the BOD concentration might be decreased by 50% based on the calculated results using the Streeter-and-Phelps equation. In all the tested operation modes for these sewage pumping stations, the mode 5 operation, full operation for the 4 stations in the downstream and no operation for the 4 stations in the upstream, may provide the cost-effective operation to improve the water quality of Keelung River.

Keywords: Streeter-and-Phelps equation, Water Quality, Water Quality Modeling, DO, BOD


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