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  Paper EIA06-041, Volume 4 (2006), Pages 453-458 = complimentary

Integrating Sustainability in Apparel and Textiles Higher Education

J. Su

Department of Consumer and Family Sciences, Western Kentucky University 1906 College Heights Blvd. #11037, Bowling Green, KY 42101-1037, USA.



Apparel and textiles higher education is an interdisciplinary area which combines the study of every aspect related to textile and apparel industry. The comprehensive textile-apparel pipeline encompasses all of the production activities of the textile-apparel complex as well as the functions of distribution and retail operations to the end users/consumers. Therefore, textiles and apparel industry has tremendous power to control what people see, feel, and think about themselves, the environments, and the welfare of society. The study argues how apparel and textiles relate to sustainability. A framework is proposed that addresses how to integrate sustainability in core apparel and textile higher education curriculum. Strategies of teaching sustainability in apparel and textiles are discussed. The paper concludes that the interdisciplinary perspective of apparel and clothing higher education could play a key role in sustainability education, generate the new knowledge needed, and train the leaders and teachers of tomorrow, as well as communicate the knowledge to decision-makers and the public-at-large.

Keywords: higher education, sustainability, apparel and textiles


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