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ISSN 1811-0231 / ISEIS Publication Series Number P002

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  Paper EIA06-045, Volume 4 (2006), Pages 483-489 = complimentary

Evaluation of Nearshore Environmental Resources

J. Li and W. Q. Chen

State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science/Environmental Science Research Center Xiamen University, Xiamen, 361005, P. R. China.



This paper has critically evaluated the notion and application of economic, monetary valuation of nearshore environmental resources. For this purpose, three types of environemntal resources have been considered: material resources, spatial resources, and ecosystem services. The paper has discussed different perspectives on the values of nearshore environmental resources through a number of value theories: Labor Value Theory, Utility Value Theory and Function Value Theory. A value classification of nearshore environmental resources has been offered, based on the environmental functions and value conformation of nearshore environmental resources. Suggestions have been made about which economic valuation methods could address which function of nearshore environmental resources. The resulting evaluation framework has been established as the summation of all the above discussions. Meanwhile, a new idea of building an evaluation database of nearshore environmental resources has been put forward and it would be the most practical way to apply the evaluation framework.

Keywords: nearshore, environmental resources, value, evaluation


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