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  Paper EIA06-047, Volume 4 (2006), Pages 502-513 = complimentary

The Depletion of Marine Environmental Resources Caused by Human Activities and its Monetary Evaluation

X. Wang* and W. Q. Chen

Environmental Science Research Center, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361005, P. R. China. *Corresponding author: .



The marine environment provides the rich and varied resources and environmental functions and services for human production and life. Many countries have competitively exploited and utilized sea and ocean to develop marine economy for some years and coastal zone has become the most intensive area developed by human. The overexploitation of coastal resources and the overutilization of marine environment have led to consequences i.e. the resource degradation, the environment pollution and the ecosystem destruction. Taking the depletion of marine environmental resources into account during planning, governing and decision-making is an important measure to promote marine environmental resources and socio-economy towards harmonious and sustainable development, the main precondition of which is that the depletion of marine environmental resources by human activities has been monetarily evaluated. To start with, the paper expatiates on the necessity and importance of the monetary evaluation, and then analyzes the different sorts of depletion of marine environmental resources caused by human activities, including overfishing, sand mining, intensive marine aquaculture, sea reclamation and pollutant discharge. Finally the paper extensively discusses the corresponding evaluation models of depletion of marine mineral resources, marine organism resources, maritime transport resources, intertidal areas and shallow seas, and marine environmental functions and services including environmental capacity, gas regulation, disturbance prevention, recreation and biodiversity.

Keywords: Marine environmental resources; Depletion; Evaluation; Human activities


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