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Comparative Assessment and Multivariate Optimization of Commercially Available Small Scale Reverse Osmosis Membranes

M. C. Garg and H. Joshi

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Watershed-Scale Environmental Risk Assessment of Accidental Water Pollution: The Case of Laoguan River, China

R. Z. Liu, K. Zhang, Z. J. Zhang and A. G. L. Borthwick

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Applying Online Image Analysis to Simultaneously Evaluate the Removals of Suspended Solids and Color from Textile Wastewater in Chemical Flocculated Sedimentation

R. F. Yu, H. W. Chen, W. P. Cheng and H. D. Huang

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Optimizing Temporary Rescue Facility Locations for Large-Scale Urban Environmental Emergencies to Improve Public Safety

M. Zhao, Q. W. Chen, J. Ma and D. Cai

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Detection of the Sensitive Inflowing River Indicators Related to Non-Point Source Organic Pollution: A Case Study of Taihu Lake

C. Lin, R. H. Ma, Z. P. Wu, J. F. Xiong and M. Min

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



MCFP: A Monte Carlo Simulation-based Fuzzy Programming Approach for Optimization under Dual Uncertainties of Possibility and Continuous Probability

B. Chen, P. Li, H. J. Wu, T. Husain and F. Khan

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Variable Selection Based on Statistical Learning Approaches to Improve PM10 Concentration Forecasting

A. Ben Ishak

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Pseudospectral Collocation Approach for Flood Inundation Modelling with Random Input Fields

Y. Huang and X. S. Qin

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Modeling Grassland Ecosystem Responses to Coupled Climate and Socioeconomic Influences in Multi-Spatial-And-Temporal Scales

Y. Xie, D. Crary, Y. Bai, X. Cui and A. Zhang

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Methodological Framework for Characterizing the Spatiotemporal Variability of River Water-Quality Patterns Using Dynamic Factor Analysis

R. Aguilera, S. Sabater and R. Marcé

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Lab-Scale Experiment and Model Study on Enhanced Digestion of Wastewater Sludge using Bioelectrochemical Systems

J. R. Asztalos and Y. Kim

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Change-Point Method Applied to the Detection of Temporal Variations in Seafloor Bacterial Mat Coverage

I. López, C. Rodríguez, M. Gámez, Z. Varga and J. Garay

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



An Inexact Credibility Chance-Constrained Integer Programming for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Management in Regional Electric Power System under Uncertainty

W. Li, S. X. Liu, G. H. Huang and Y. L. Xie

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Hierarchical Approach for Inland Lake Pollutant Load Allocation: A Case Study in Tangxun Lake Basin, Wuhan, China

J. H. Wang, Y. Y. Zhou, W. H. Xiao, Y. H. Huang, Y. Chen, H. T. Zhang and B. D. Hou

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Multi-Objective Approach to Evaluate the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Alternative Water and Nutrient Management Strategies in Africa

M. Pastori, A. Udías, F. Bouraoui and G. Bidoglio

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Sorption of Phenanthrene onto Diatomite under the Influences of Solution Chemistry: A Study of Linear Sorption based on Maximal Information Coefficient

S. Zhao, G. H. Huang, X. Q. Wang, Y. R. Fan and C. J. An

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Spatial Data Infrastructures in Africa: A Gap Analysis

Y. Guigoz, G. Giuliani, A. Nonguierma, A. Lehmann, A. Mlisa and N. Ray

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Improvement of Envisat Altimetric Measurements in Taiwan Coastal Oceans by a Developed Waveform Retracking System

C. Y. Kuo, T. Y. Yang, H. C. Kao, C. K. Wang, W. H. Lan and H. Z. Tseng

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Modelling Dependence between Traffic Noise and Traffic Flow through An Entropy-Copula Method

K. Huang, L. M. Dai, M. Yao, Y. R. Fan and X. M. Kong

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Rapid Assessment Method for Eco-water Deficit in Catchments

M. S. Zheng, L. K. Ma, T. H. Li and R. Huang

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Fuzzy Gradient Chance-Constrained Evacuation Model for Managing Risks of Nuclear Power Plants under Multiple Uncertainties

Z. Li, G. H. Huang, L. Guo, Y. R. Fan and J. P. Chen

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



A Field Study of Factors that Affect Acid-Volatile Sulfide Concentrations

F. Li, X. Y. Zeng, Y. Y. Liang, G. R. Huang and Y. M. Wen

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Interval Recourse Linear Programming for Resources and Environmental Systems Management under Uncertainty
Open Access

G. H. Cheng, C. Dong, G. H. Huang, Y. P. Li and B. W. Baetz

Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



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