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Journal of Environmental Informatics

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Volume 28   Number 2   December  2016 = non-subscribed


Short-Term Peak Flow Rate Prediction and Flood Risk Assessment Using Fuzzy Linear Regression

U. T. Khan and C. Valeo

Pages 71-89 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



ASOC: A Novel Agent-Based Simulation-Optimization Coupling Approach-Algorithm and Application in Offshore Oil Spill Responses

P. Li, B. Chen, Z. L. Li and L. Jing

Pages 90-100 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Parametric Functional Analysis of Variance for Fish Biodiversity Assessment

T. Di Battista, F. Fortuna and F. Maturo

Pages 101-109 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Probabilistic Evaluation of Causal Relationship between Variables for Water Quality Management

J. He

Pages 110-119 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



Ocean Observation with Opto-Microfluidic Devices

D. Zhang, L. Men and Q. Chen

Pages 120-125 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



An Integrated Simulation-based Process Control and Operation Planning (IS-PCOP) System for Marine Oily Wastewater Management

L. Jing, B. Chen, B. Y. Zhang and P. Li

Pages 126-134 Abstract | Full Text (PDF)



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