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Journal of Environmental Informatics

The JEI is the ISEIS primer publication on environmental systems science and information technology. Articles published on JEI covers a wide range of topics on environmental science and management.


Environmental Systems Research

The ESR is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal published under the Springer and it is associated with the ISEIS. ESR aims to enhance the integration of environmental systems analysis to help develop management solutions that are consensus-oriented, risk-informed, scientifically-based and cost-effective.


Environmental Informatics Archives

The EIA is a series of volumes of publications containing conference articles, research reports, and presentations, etc. The volumes are basically published electronically.



ISEIS Newsletter

ISEIS Newsletter informs upcoming meetings, reports on innovative programs in environmental information systems science, and provides an outlet for discussion and commentary on issues of concern to the society.



ISEIS Membership Directory

The ISEIS member directory is being updated, and will be available online to all members as soon as the editing is completed.




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